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Please tell us about the person or a company who going to make an order?

Please tell us about recipient

To deliver your order, at least we need a name and a phone number of the recipient. We, then can call to the recipient and ask for the delivery address. In this case the optional field can be left empty.

But, if you can provide full details, then do all “Optional” fields too. 

Please tell us about this order.

So, normally there are 3 separate parts included in an average order. 

Part 1 — delivery, or transportation of your flowers to the recipient. We do charge fixed fee within M25 – £120.00

Part 2 — flowers. We can offer from a single flower for £5.00 and to a luxury bouquet for £450.00. So, please, tell us your budget below.

Please, tell us what kind of flowers you would like to be delivered?

You may leave this field empty if you do not have any preferences, and to be honest with you that will be the best option for you and recipient, because our professional florist creates the best bouquet for your budget. 

Part 3 — extras

The most common extras are:

— Card with your words to the recipient. This is free of charge. If you leave it field empty, we will NOT tell your recipient who ordered flowers.

— Bottle of champaign or wine. So you will need to pay for that on top of the flowers and delivery. But, we are happy to get a bottle for your recipient.

Leave it empty if you do not need champaign or wine.

— Other extras or wishes. Please, tell us if you need something else, like balloons, cakes, or any other gifts for your recipient.

Also, if you have any other comments, please, write in this field.

Leave it empty if you don’t have anything to add. 

Lastly, we need you to tell us by what time the flowers must be delivered. We try to do our best, and sometimes we can deliver flowers in just 2 hours.

We do operate 24/7. You can place your order even in Christmas night at 3am. We will deliver flowers to you on any day and at any time.